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Friday, August 2, 2013

Cuteness Overload: 2013 BBM Dancing Heroine "Mai" Set

You've been waiting all year for this, haven't you? Once the set was announced on Japanese Baseball Cards, you eagerly anticipated the day the set came out, so you, too, could see those baseball cheerleaders up close. Well, here you are!

Last year was the first year that BBM issued a set for the cheerleaders on the NPB baseball teams. Actually, they issued two sets last year, and two this year. This year's sets have 99 cars each - the set below is titled Mai while the other (earlier) set is called Hana. Each team has about 7 cards in each set (give or take) with members of their cheerleading team. I haven't checked to see if any cheerleaders are pictured twice.

The front of each card uses team colors and displays the cheerleader's name, while the cheerleading team's logo and the Dancing Heroine logo are also found on the card. There are two pictures: a closeup and a full-body shot. Each team's girls are all wearing the same costumes, and depending on the team they could be holding props in one, both, or neither of the images. You'll see the backs when I show the Hana set later.

I'll note that my female friend commented a few times that Japanese cheerleaders aren't sexy, since all the "goods" (what little they have - also her thought) are covered and hidden by frills and high-cut collars. And I agree with that - but some of these girls are really cute. Hence - cuteness overload!

I picked the set up at the Tokyo card show - my last purchase that day. All the cards are shown below - you can click on one to enlarge. Enjoy! Note, I don't know what's going on with card 44...


  1. So what do the words "Hana" and "Mai" mean? What's the difference between the two sets?

  2. I answered that (after your comment) on the Hana set post, but hana means flower and mai means dance/dancing. The only difference seems to be the cheerleader selection.

    Issue 100 of SCM includes prices for the Hana set, and it appears that the Giants and Dragons cheerleaders carry a premium over the other cheerleaders.

  3. Isn't there one card missing? The set should have 99 cards, but discounting card 44 - which looks to be an animated GIF - there are only 98. The various images seen in number 44 are simply other cards from the set.

  4. Yes, there is a card missing. I don't know which, though! It took me two or three posts to realize that Google/Picasa was making these "special" images instead of or in addition to the regular images. At this point it might be too late to correct.

    1. Hi Ryan - Thanks for the quick answer. I live in New York, but I enjoy the Japanese games. (I'm actually watching a Giants-Buffaloes game as I write this.) I'd love to get these sets, but I think even if I find them for sale somewhere, the price may be a little too steep. Thanks very much for posting these!

    2. I can find one (one of the 2012s I believe) for about $20 plus shipping. The 2014 sets come out this month and next.... not sure what you're interested in paying. If you don't want to get a whole set, I can pick up a few cards. The Giants and Dragons cheerleaders are really tough to find though.