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Friday, August 9, 2013

New Release: 2013 BBM Kyushu Limited

Continuing with the topical set concept this year, last month BBM released a set focusing on players who hail from Kyushu. For those of you who don't know anything about the geography of Japan, Kyushu is one Japan's main islands, located at the south end of the large chain. The bullet train reaches its southern terminus on Kyushu. Its major city is Fukuoka, home of the SoftBank Hawks. 
The base set uses a background of the island's silhouette, with the player's prefecture (similar to counties in America) in blue. Fukudome is from Kagoshima, the southern end of Kyushu. Ninety cards appear in the set, with the last nine being subset cards titled "On The Rise" and "Prime Time".
Backs contain the usual details about the player and a cropped head shot from the photo on the front. Another small Kyushu silhouette with the player's prefecture can be found here too. Cards from this issue have the kanji for Kyushu (九州) in brackets on the copyright line.

A gold foil-signed parallel was also released for 27 of the cards in the set; the partial parallel is serial-numbered to 150.
The sole 9-card insert set is titled "All KYushu First Team" though I don't know why the Y is capitalized on the card. I've never heard of any designation for writing Kyushu just as "KY" in any form. The cards have foil flame backgrounds that don't have the green tint you see in my scan.
Backs are red-tinted with white text. A majority of the text is a list of the player's achievements, such as being named to the NPB Best Nine team. MVP awards, etc.

An autographed set was also issued with 50 different cards serial numbered up to 40.

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