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Monday, August 5, 2013

2013 Epoch/JPBA OB Rookie of the Year Set

There isn't much discussion about Japanese cards, when compared to MLB issues. But some people don't care for the non-BBM issues partly due to the design. I enjoy them because they include a variety of players that don't usually appear in the historic sets issued by BBM, plus a nice view at historic uniforms for some of the older teams (especially when players from the 50s are included). Sure, there are some players that seem to appear in every Epoch set, but depending on the topic there are some cards for players who are rarely seen - or haven't been seen in decades!
 The orange card fronts aren't fantastic, but the topic of the set - Rookie of the Year award winners - is very visible on the front. With only 40 cards in the set, not every ROY is represented. But cards for awards issued from 1953 through 1998 can be found. There are a few players who don't have BBM cards, or haven't had BBM cards since the 1990s.
 The backs contain biographical information and career statistics, blue some highlights. The bottom paragraph details the player's ROY season highlights, though a statistics line for that year would be welcome as well.

The rest of the cards can be seen below:


  1. if you want those stickers that I commented about on your post, I need your address...

  2. I've been pretty down on the recent Epoch sets but I do like some things about this one - it looks like the pictures of the players are from the year they each won the award which means two fairly obscure teams made the set - the Yakult Atoms and the Nittaku Home Flyers. I have a handful of cards showing the Yakult Atoms (and at least one Sankei Atoms) but I've never seen a BBM card showing a Nitaku Home Flyer (they only existed in 1973 and were the step between the Toei Flyers and the Nippon Ham Fighters). But like most of the Epoch sets, it is not very attractive looking.

    I don't know if I'd really agree that Epoch tends to show more guys who don't show up in BBM's sets. Both Epoch and BBM's OB sets tend to be dominated by players from the 1970's and 1980's (and now the 1990's) and both companies seem to have a hard time getting certain players - Katsuya Nomura, Masaichi Kaneda and Choji Murata being the big three off hand - to appear in their sets.

    If I could walk into a card shop and pick up an opened Epoch box set (without memorabilia cards) for 500 yen (or less) like you can, I'd probably buy them. (Although I didn't when I was there in March - I think you pointed at least one of them out to me at Mint Akihabara for 300 yen :-)) Since I need to pay a little more (probably around $20) to get them from here, I'm passing on them. I can't buy everything.

  3. Canuck: Done! Thanks again!

    NPB Card Guy: I noticed that the pictures seem to be year-appropriate and I was really happy to see the obscure teams and uniforms. But as you say it's not too attractive. Actually it looks to be inspired by Upper Deck's Baseball Heroes set layout, but with a less attractive border.

    The players do all come from the same basic time period in general, but the actual players seem to differ a bit. However, yes, they really need to get some players who haven't appeared in a major release. There are a few ROYs and at least one former MVP who I can't find a card for, plus plenty of others who haven't had cards in a long time.

    Even with the ability to buy the sets at 300-500 yen each, I tend to pass. Sets really need to make a big impact on me to buy them and keep them intact. I bought this one just for a few of the cards I needed for my awards collection.