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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Release: 2013 BBM Chunichi Dragons

BBM released their Chunichi Dragons team set late last month in pack-based form.
 The base set consists of 108 cards - 73 regular cards with the rest being subsets (Defence Masters, Great Record milestone highlights, Newcomer, and Dominator are most of the subsets). The fronts are simple and plain, with the player's name, position, and jersey number at the bottom.
 The backs are fairly standard as well, with a headshot, bio, and statistics. Cards from this issue are identifiable by [DRAGONS] notation on the backs, and D### card numbers.
At least one partial parallel exists with the standard foil background.
 The backs of the foil parallels are the same as regular cards and are not serial-numbered.

I expect that a serial-numbered parallel was issued as well using a holo-foil design, but I haven't seen it yet.
 One insert set was randomly packed, titled Dragon Heart. This title has been used for the Dragons insert set for the prior three years. Gold foil printing over the image gives the title of the set as well as the player's name and additional information. A metallic foil background has an image of a dragon.
The backs use a cropped version of the front image and the dragon motif again; basic biographical data for the player is provided on the lower half of the card. The [DRAGONS] notation and DH-prefixed card number is at the very bottom.

A red foil parallel version numbered to 100 exists for the insert set.

Three memorabilia cards were issued for the set, featuring Ibata and Oshima.

Many players signed autograph cards for the set as well - possibly every player in the base set including at least three mascots. There also appears to be a Draft signed card as well as some limited autographs for leading players and a few dual autographed cards.

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