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Sunday, August 11, 2013

BBM Oddball: 2012 Top Swimmers Boxed Set

Japanese people love sports. From middle school, all students enroll in a club and generally devote a lot of time to it - it's a really serious thing. Many kids choose sports clubs, and a few sports are very popular here. Of course baseball and soccer are the top two, but gymnastics, badminton, volleyball, and swimming are all sports that my students participate in.

BBM released a 27-card box set featuring nine different swimmers late last year. Each swimmer has three cards in the set.

The first nine cards are action shots:

 I've included the back of Satomi Suzuki's card so you can get an idea. I'm not sure which card isn't in the scans above!

The second set consists of at-the-pool-but-not-swimming photos:

 Again you can see the design for the backs of this part of the set.

Finally, the last nine cards are casual shots. I guess Haruka Ueda never leaves the pool, because she just has another poolside photo.

And, of course, here is the sample back for the street clothes cards.

The set was packaged with one special card per box. This could have been a special insert or an autographed card. The set heads to my Women In Sports collection.


  1. Very cool set. How much do these small sets sell for in Japan?

  2. All box sets tend to sell for about 4000 yen with the special cards, but I can generally find the base sets (of about 27 cards) only for 300-500 yen. The Rie Tanaka set I posted about last month seems to rarely go for less than 1000 yen. Non-baseball sets can be tough to find because they're a real niche market but on the flip side that still keeps them cheap.