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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Release: 2013 BBM Hanshin Tigers

I think BBM has finally finished releasing all its main team sets for the year.
 The Hanshin Tigers team set uses a "ripped" bottom border with all of the information, and three uninterrupted borders for the photo. The regular base cards have a light wood coloring on the bottom border background. There are 108 cards in the base set - 81 regular cards with the rest being subset issues.
 The backs have the standard BBM layout, with the bottom wood border continued on the bottom. Cards are numbered T### and [HANSHIN Tigers] appears on the copyright line.
 The foilboard partial parallel has the same background as the regular card. However, the wood finish on the front is darker and more brown-colored. It isn't just a scanning artifact, the colors are actually different. There are 27 cards in the parallel set.
 The backs remain identical, however.

A serial-numbered to 100 parallel was also issued with a hyper-plaid style of holographic foil on the front.
 Tiger's Roar is the team-based insert set. This year's inserts have a sparkle holographic surface. "Tiger's Road" is in red foil.
The backs use the same photo and provide a little bit of basic data. The cards are numbered TR#, with 12 cards in the set.

A parallel #/100 was issued, though the holofoil sparkle fronts appear to be the same on both versions. I believe the parallel has a different color foil used for the insert set name.

A second six-card insert set, Fujinami Special, was issued for Shintaro Fujinami. I'm not aware of any parallels for this set.

Finally, a ton of autograph subjects are included in this set. There are 81 different regular autographs and 22 coach autographs, usually with 60 copies each (sometimes fewer). The number one draft pick has a special card (#/15), and five star players signed a limited autograph card set (#/15 each). Additionally, there are two combo-signed cards #/5. Three #/15 autographs were issued for the Cross-Sign autograph set.

Three memorabilia cards were issued, with Takahiro Arai and Ryota Arai as the subjects.

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