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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Pickup: 2013 Yomiuri Giants Team Issue SGA

I finally went to my first Yomiuri Giants game (and thus my first game in Tokyo Dome) 10 days ago. I'll have a few pictures from the stadium eventually (probably posted to my other blog) but I should note that I received a free card when I walked in the gate:
 This is Yoshitama Katori, a pitcher for the Giants (if you couldn't figure that out from the card image above). The date (home series) the cards was given away is included on the front - I saw the Dragons beat the crap out of the Giants on the 18th.
The backs are fairly simple, with some basic information about the player - it seems that this year's SGA cards are for OB players. I am assuming the bottom text (in orange) is a biographical or career moment highlight? The grey box has a serial number.

The card was tossed in the bag handed out at the front that is full of advertisements. It really pays to take everything being handed out as you enter a game - I got that and a player guide in the bag, plus they were handing out Pikachu/Giants cardboard hat things and tickets where you could win a prize. The odds aren't terribly bad - about 2% of tickets were winners of some prize.

As I mentioned, I'll talk more about the stadium and my game experience in a full post later, but I wanted to share this card (which is very welcome in my type collection!) with you.


  1. I found a site listing all of the Giants' stadium cards this year:

  2. Thanks for the link! It looks like there are at least a few lists there for team-issue cards (Giants and BayStars at least) along with regular BBM issues.