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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wasting Dough: A Second Topps 2017 Jumbo Pack

Why do I do these things? I probably should have just bought a few regular packs of Topps instead of the first jumbo, but then I wanted something decent so I grabbed another. Well, let's see how I did.
 The first card in this pack was Tyler Duffey. I didn't realize Joey Votto was still playing, and looking at his (abbreviated) career stats he's doing quite well.
 Aoki was a big name here in Japan when he first joined the Giants, but he hasn't performed so well. It looks like he's doing okay, but he's no Ichiro.
 I don't think "Salute" is a good name for this set. But for the two cards I've received so far, I like the topics included. I might not try to get it after all, though.
 That said, 5-Tool continues to grow on me. This is an art set, apparently. And I like art sets. And I read that there was an art set in 2016 Topps too. I guess I'll have to collect them both.
 My parallel was a reverse negative. I was disappointed to see that they aren't serial-numbered.
 Nice jump. I've seen Leslie Jordan on a few TV shows. I really love this set. I wonder how hard it would be to get a relic set going.
 Yes, 1987 Topps is "iconic", but I repeat: Topps did a full 150-card mini set in 1987 style a few years ago. But again, I love the connections to 1987 in the writeups on the back.
 Ugh. Ad card.
 Ugh. Ad card. No, wait, there's a stamp on it. Is this some sort of original-back reprint set? No, the copyright says 1992. Let's check the Internet. Oh, it's a buyback. And the bronze stamp is the most common. And it's a common common from the "overproduction" era. My expression is similar to Scott's. Huh.

Now it's time for the horizontal portion of our show.
 Every. Single. Year.
Obligatory video.
 I got a rookie cup! I seriously need to follow baseball more closely this year. I feel so removed from, well, everything.
We'll finish with the best photo I've seen this year. Granted, I haven't seen many yet. A unique angle, plenty of stadium in the background. A nice, partly cloudy day at Oakland Coliseum. And Jacoby Ellsbury is at the plate for his 128th at bat of the season. Or he will be; this could be a warm-up pitch. Any of you sleuths care to figure it out? I doubt it'll take long for someone who is interested enough.

Well, that was still disappointing. It would be nice to at least get a $1 relic out of this $13 pack. I wonder when I'll bother opening packs again...


  1. Addy Russell sporting the powder blue throwbacks? That card is phenomenal! Also, Leslie Jordan and his equally great pants might have even more hops than the young shortstop.

  2. One thing I need to give credit to Topps for is having quality images of the throwback and other alternative jerseys on the cards. The player's positioning is just right so you can get a good look at the uniform as well as the player.