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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Canned Air is a Reality

How many future/sci-fi shows included a reference to canned air?
It's now a reality.

J-Pop supergroup AKB48 is starting to lose its popularity, but it still has plenty of fans. I suppose I'm one of them. Sure, I've never seen them live, but the music is catchy and the videos can be lots of fun. While most people won't admit to it, the "election" and "janken [rock-paper-scissors]" events held to choose the "center" [lead singer] for the next big song.

"Mayuyu" is my favorite. Mayu Watanabe has been with the group for a long time, starting as a teenager and now is one of the longest-lasting members.

As for the cans, about a year ago the first version of canned air was released. Supposedly, the cans were sealed above the stage at a big concert event. When they first hit the auction sites, they went for a good bit of money. Prices have fallen a decent bit.
 This is from the second edition, and contains a different label on the front. Each can comes with a lid so you can turn it into a bank and a "life photograph" - a popular product for pop stars that harkens back to the days of (generally unauthorized) bromides.
Here's all the text on the sides, talking about the janken televised event.
I'm not about to open the can. First of all, that'll make it worthless - I'm not investing or anything but I'd like my can intact. And that brings me to the second reason: what, exactly, is the air above the event like? What exactly would one smell if they opened the can? Lots of perfume? Soap and shampoo? Sweat? I'm not that obsessed that I need, or even want, that scent. This is more of a display centerpiece than anything else.


  1. Replies
    1. These are totally awesome. But at the same time a complete waste. I doubt there's any scent at all, if that's what you're looking for. Then again, every novelty is a complete waste, if you look at it from a utilitarian perspective.

  2. Lol... I'm gonna share this with my friends at work. We always joke around about each other's cultures during lunch and they always tease me about people dressing up in panda outfits and renting out sleeping pods for intimate purposes. Can't wait to hear what they say about my peeps canning air and selling it.

    1. The cosplay stuff is so funny. I went to a wedding a couple months ago, and the groomsmen put on full-body costumes and made a really stupid video for the reception. And this is commonplace!

      As for sleeping pods for intimate purposes, I'm sure that's an urban legend. However, there are plenty of love hotels (though they've been going by other names these days to clean up the image). You can rent a room for a couple hours for a "rest" which is typically intimate purposes. (Eventually, if I can get back to Chaos and Kanji, that's a whole long story/post to make.)