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Friday, February 24, 2017

Three New Hits for the Personal Collection

The hunt is on for Real Venus autographs. Occasionally I get lucky and win a few autographs around the same time at good prices, and that happened to me last week.
 Satsuki Fujimaki is a swim finner. Yes, that's a thing. She has appeared in at least two Real Venus sets.
 Also appearing multiple times in Venus sets is Ayaka Asahina, a motocross competitor (motocrossist?). I've never seen anything about fin swimming or motocross around here, but the events must be somewhere.
Finally, another relic card of Yukiko Kinoshita. I'm interested in getting an autograph but they still price around $100 - greed on the part of sellers more than anything, I'm sure, because her last fair auction sale went for about $30. Yukiko, who goes by Michelle now, just released a photo book, too. I don't have that.

There is more to come, but you'll just have to wait! Until then...


  1. Very nice additions to your collection. Very nice.

    1. Thanks :)

      I still need to get you a Shining Venus set and get a package together for you.