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Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Release: 2018 BBM Glory

As Time Travel hit the shelves, so did Glory. This ultra-premium set hit shelves a few days ago and features serial numbering on every card. While it's a 2018 release, it's also the last set to hit shelves in the 2017 calendar year.
 A total of 2000 boxes were produced for this product, with six cards per pack/box. Each box retails for 15,000 yen, and contains one memorabilia card, at least one signed card, and at least two inserts/parallels.
 Base cards are serial numbered to 99 copies each, and there are 36 different cards. Green parallels are #/70, and Purple parallels are #/30. Each box should have 3 or 4 base cards, including parallels.
 Ultra Xtal is serial numbered to 50 copies. There are 36 cards in the set, which means most boxes will have one of these.
 Finally, Glorious 3D is a 12-card set numbered to only 25 copies each; 1:7 boxes or so will have one of these.
 Memorabilia cards are #/99 or less, with a Patch parallel for every player except Kyoda #/25 or less. There are 11 cards in the checklist. Furthermore, there is a Super Patch card #/8 or less.
 Nine Combo Memorabilia cards were made, #/20. Patch parallels are #/10.
 The one Triple Memorabilia Card is #/20, with a patch #/10.
 Finally, the single Quartet Memorabilia Card is #/15, with the patch version #/10.
 I count 40 Autograph cards, which are numbered to 50 or less. There is also a single Signed Ball card, #/20.
Three Combo Autograph cards round out the offering, each numbered to 5 copies.


  1. Just like the high end Topps products... this stuff is nice to look at, but I'd never be able to drop down that much cash for 6 cards. Nice looking product though.

    1. And really, it isn't as impressive in my mind as Genesis. Everything's just a little more limited here.