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Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 BBM Rookie Edition Premium

Coming out about 2 months ago, the Rookie Edition Premium set offers the usual selection as they have in the past. Boxes run 15,000 yen (about $150), and include one full base set and two hits (memorabilia or autograph). A total of 2500 sets were produced.
Like Genesis, the 36 regular base cards are printed on premium stock with some gold foil highlights -there is a parallel, which you can actually see above. The parallel is #/25.
 Horizontal autographs are #/65 or less. There are 54 cards in this set.
 One combo signature card is numbered out of 10 copies.
 On-card autographs are inserted for 18 players - three per team for the Hawks, Lions, Eagles, Buffaloes, Swallows, and Dragons.
 Vertical autographs (54 subjects) are numbered to 25 copies or less each.
Several variations of Memorabilia cards can be found to round out the set. Regular cards are #/130 or less, with Patch versions #/30 or less. There are 11 of these regular and patch cards. Nine players have Super Patch memorabilia cards (#/9 or less), and there is one Booklet with relics from 12 players (one per team).

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