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Friday, December 22, 2017

2017 Epoch Yomiuri Giants

The Giants set was the last of the cheaper, pack-based team sets Epoch issued this year.  For 250 yen, each pack has four cards. As with the other team sets of this nature, there are several parallel and variation sets to flesh out the release.
 Here are the base cards. My scanner doesn't like black borders very much, but the border is balanced on each side of the card. There are 36 cards in the base set.
 Here's a one-star variation. 24 of the cards have this variation. It is a crop variation of the original photo.
 Two-star variation. 18 base cards have this variation. This variation is a photo variation.
 There are 10 three-star variation cards. They are cropped versions of the photo variation.

There is a four-star variation; 8 players have that variation. I don't know what the variation is here.

Note that as with other sets, players with a level-4 variation has level 1, 2, and 3 variations. Level 3 variation players also have level 1 and 2. And level 2 variation players also have a level 1 variation. Furthermore, the actual variation for any given player at any given tier may not follow the above formulas. I don't have time, money, or interest in verifying all of this data!
 The entire set is paralleled with a gold/yellow facsimile signature. This is not a foil signature, and simply printed on the card.

Furthermore, 12 cards have a "shockwave" parallel which I haven't seen.
 The Holografica insert set has 24 cards with a few subsets. The design is basically the same, but the titles on the front can be "Hurler" "Slugger" "Rookie" or "Manager" as appropriate. Unlike other teams' sets, the Giants set is numbered as one whole series.
Twelve of the Holografica players have Holografica Collage cards as well. These are only for some of the "Hurler" and "Slugger" subsets; the collage is simply a second background photo.

Various levels of point cards could be found in packs; a total of 100 points could be exchanged for one of 12 autographed cards.


  1. I think the level 4 variations are HDR images but I don't know for sure.

    >I don't have time, money, or interest in verifying all of this data!
    BBM and Epoch have opened an ugly door with the "secret" versions and variations crap this year and I fear it's just going to get worse next year...

    1. It’s starting to look more and more like the American card market unfortunately.

    2. Hopefully it doesn't really get much worse. I'm not bothering with any of the variations in my collection (other than that one I pulled from 2nd Version packs, yay!, and the First Pitch card - I bought that yesterday at a card shop).