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Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 BBM Carp League Champions

This newish release (mid-October) celebrates the Carp's league championship, and it comes with a really long name. Essentially, it's 2017 BBM Hiroshima Toyo Carp Central League Championship Card Set "Consecutive Victory". That's a long title. I think my post title works as a functional title for this set. Each 3000-yen box contains one full base set plus one insert or an autograph. There was no information about total production.
 The base set of 45 cards is split into two subsets - "regular" cards are #1-36. These all highlight a particular game in the season, though they focus on individual players.
 The final 9 cards are "Name Scene" cards and feature highlights of the season.
 Five "Great Heroes" 3D insert cards were printed, each featuring two players. These are not serial-numbered.
There are 31 autographed cards in the set, serial numbered to 10 or less (one player has 20 copies). A quick count shows that there's less than 300 autographs total.


  1. Google translated the name of the set as "Successful Achievement" which is the name I've been using for it although yours is more descriptive. The title for the similar Carp set BBM did last year translated as something like "Realization Of A Great Ambition" which proves that there are some names that need improving. Or a better translation.

    1. I played around with the translation for a bit to get a more accurate representation of what BBM was intending the title to be. I didn't even bother thinking about the 2016 set, but right now Google is translating it as Great Fulfillment; Realization of a Great Ambition is still an alternate translation. I'd go further to say that the 2016 set might be most naturally translated as "Dream Come True", as the first two kanji mean "big dream" and the second two mean "accomplishment" or "fulfillment".