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Thursday, December 14, 2017

2017 BBM Authentic Edition: Young Carp, Young Tigers, and Young Fighters

BBM has been issuing a few theme-based series this year. Theme isn't must of a concept, though, as they're just premium products sharing similar designs. Earlier in the season it was Heat, and in the fall came Authentic Edition.
 The Carp Authentic Edition set can be called "Wakakoi" (Young Carp).  It hit shelves in late August with a price point of 6000 yen. 2000 total sets were produced, with each box containing one base set plus one hit.
 The base set has 25 cards on premium stock.
 Nine different memorabilia cards can be found, each in four levels. The base level has a regular swatch (99 copies each), a foil signature version is numbered to 50 copies each, patch versions are numbered to 20 copies each, and big patch versions are numbered out of 10. Card M9 is a bat with no patch versions, though its foil signature version is numbered out of 51 and a second parallel is numbered out of 18.
One type of autograph card was made, as you see above. Print runs range from 6-20 copies, though almost all players only have 10 autographs or less.
 The Tigers Authentic version is called "Wakatora" (Young Tigers). It also came out in late August, with a 2000-set print run and a 6000-yen price point. Again, one base set and one hit came per box.
 The 25-card base set design is similar to the Carp set.
 Again, nine different Memorabilia cards were made. All Tigers cards use jerseys. Again, there are multiple versions: a base card numbered out of 99, a foil signature parallel numbered out of 40, and a patch version numbered out of 10.
More autographed cards can be found in the Tigers box; print runs range from 20-30 copies each per player. Again, only one style of autograph was produced.
 The Fighters Authentic Edition actually goes by its English name, "Young Fighters". And like the previous two sets, 2000 sets were produced, with an SRP of 6000 yen. Each box contains one base set plus one special card.
 Unlike the prior two sets, the Young Fighters base set has 29 cards. The basic design is similar to the others, though each set stands alone. Furthermore, the Fighters set is much more colorful.
 Identical to the Tigers set, the Fighters Authentic set includes nine jersey Memorabilia cards. Base cards are numbered to 99, foil signature parallels to 45, and patch parallels to 20.
Several subjects have autographs in the set, but print runs are generally lower. Ohtani has only five copies, while other players have 10, 20, or 30 copies.

I must say that I miss BBM's prior late-season offerings. They used to have some interesting box sets. However, there are three good pack-based sets this year, which I'll get to over the next few weeks... I hope!


  1. I like the look of the base cards, but the autographs are the cards that really stand out.

    1. Yeah, the base sets don't look half bad. This product is about the hits, but I can't justify the cost for what's inside. If I was a high rolling case buster I could make it worth my while, perhaps, with a big pull.