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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 BBM Genesis

 While there have been several premium box sets this year, I would argue that the release to look forward to is Genesis. I don't think it's quite as good as Touch The Game, but it's pretty close.
 The base cards are printed on premium stock with gold foil. There are 108 in the regular set, plus an additional 12 checklists - one per team. The team checklists are chunk-style, dummy cards to hide the memorabilia cards, and have no picture on the front.

The regular set (not checklists) come in three flavors of parallel: a green foil version #/150, orange #/60, and purple #/30.
I really wish BBM would put some sort of interesting image - not mascots - on the front here. One year, the Touch The Game set used plays at the plate. That was pretty cool.
 There are three insert sets to be found, and they're pretty limited. The first insert is Cross Squall, a carryover from the flagship sets. This issue is #CS01-CS12, numbered separately from the flagship set. Cards are serial-numbered out of 50.
 Elite of Nine returns; the promo image above shows "EL" card numbering but BBM's website says "EN", which was used on the actual cards. These are serial-numbered to 50 copies each. There are twelve cards here, too - one per team.
 Star Burst rounds out the insert selection in Genesis - another 12 cards, with SB prefix. And again, they're serial-numbered out of 50 copies.
 Genesis is full of relic cards. The most common is the standard Memorabilia card (31 cards in the set). These can be jerseys, bats, batting gloves, undershirts, practice shirts, crew shirts... just about anything. Fabric cards are serial numbered out of 300, bats out of 150, and the batting glove out of 15.

There are also Big Patch cards (27 subjects), numbered to 25 or less, and Super Patch cards (42 cards), numbered to 10 or less. Many of the Super Patch cards use hats and are 1/1. Four bat knob ("Grip End") cards were made (1/1). 
 Multi-memorabilia cards come in 6 dual swatch Combo Memorabilia #/15 (patch parallels #/5) and a Triple Memorabilia card #/11 (patch #/3).
 The most common autographed card is Cross Sign. There are 60 different cards, five per team, and they are #/30 or less.
 Two Dual-Signature cards are #/2 each.
Authentic Signed Ball cards are exactly what they sound like, and the best part of the release. Most are #/20, with a few #/10 or #/18. There are 29 different cards. I have to get one of these cards for myself eventually.

Furthermore, there are 10 Special Signature cards #/5 or less, three Signature Memorabilia cards #/5 or less, and three Booklet cards #/3 or less.

Note that images for memorabilia and insert cards are promotional images from BBM.


  1. Elite of Nine looks really cool. The Star Burst inserts are just wishing to be the shiniest cards ever.

  2. Totally agree. Those signed ball cards are the coolest thing about this product. That card is beautiful!

  3. Kenny: the Genesis inserts always look pretty good, but I never get any since they're so expensive!

    Fuji: Yeah.... Yeah.