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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Menko Madness: Janken in the Hallway

Godzilla makes an appearance today.

The menkos in today's stack feature artwork based on popular characters of the past. Ultraman, Garamon, Pagos, and even Godzilla (lower-left card) are here!
 The fronts have white borders with detailed artwork of the various characters. Most of the cards have a solid-colored box with the character's name written in katakana. The two without name boxes might be from a different series using the same design.
Backs are green. The outer border is a series of eight-petal flowers in circles. In the middle, what appears to be a hallway heading off into the distance holds a kanji symbol at the top, a menko number on the bottom, and another flower shape in the center. This flower has six white points and six black points and a dark center with a janken (rock-paper-scissors) symbol in the middle. The hallway has a checkered ceiling and floor with vertical blinds along the walls.

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