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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Clearing Out the Back Stock: Trade with NPB Card Guy Part 3

From what I remember from reading NPB Card Guy's older posts, he used to open boxes of product to build his BBM sets. While that's certainly more time consuming (in a good way - busting packs and sorting cards is a lot of fun in my eyes), you end up with extras (great for trades, if you know someone) and more importantly, you end up with holes in your collection.

When the main source of cards is on the other side of the world, that can be problematic. So these days, he just goes after the full sets in most cases. But that does mean that he has a good stash of cards he'd like to clear out. At least, that's what I gather. So he generously offered to help me fill in some of my needs in a few collections!
 First, I have to say I'm not happy with the crop job my flatbed scanner does. It seems like all of the cards have lost a little border on the outside; that's fine for documents with white borders, larger photos, and things like that, but for 2.5" x 3.5" pieces of cardboard, a decent bit is left out.

These team checklists are cool enough as is, just because they feature the team logos. But I need team logo cards to represent Japan Series participants. You'd be surprised how infrequently things like this appear on cardboard. And keep in mind that singles start at 50 yen in most shops - 100 yen in Mint corporate shops. I can't justify paying a dollar just for a logo of the Lions.

From this point forward, there isn't too much to say: all of these players are foreigners in the NPB. That's what collection they're headed to! Let's play a game: how many names do you recognize? (I'm out because I'm familiar with most of them thanks to their involvement in Japanese baseball. I don't remember who I remember being in the MLB.)
 Looking at all these closeup photos makes me want to put together my own History of Uniform frankenset. I might just do that next year. Or sooner than next year.
 The Hall card is an insert, but in the 1994 BBM set it was pretty hard to tell. Maybe that's why BBM always uses foil for its inserts and some of their parallels. The Yan card is an example of a foilboard card, while most of BBM's parallels these days just use foil signatures.
NPB Card Guy was nice enough to send them alphabetically by last name, which is mostly how I scanned them.
 In addition to filling a lot of my want list in this collection, there's also a really good overview of BBM sets around the year 2000.
 And this concludes the trade part of this post series! Tomorrow I'll finish it off with a couple other cards that were in the package.

(Edit: I had the hardest time uploading these scans thanks to spotty internet service, so I had to hack out most of the text a bit faster than I would have liked.)


  1. I attempted to build complete BBM flagship sets through wax from 2001 to 2006 (1st Version). Then I decided to stop hitting my head against the wall and buy complete sets. If I could walk into a neighborhood store and pick up singles I might reconsider but until Mint opens a store in Baltimore I'm going to keep buying the complete sets.

    1. I certainly understand your frustrations. This is why I buy complete sets through eBay each year and get almost all of my singles through COMC and Sportlots. Busting packs just doesn't work from the wrong side of the world.