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Monday, January 11, 2016

Chocolate Wafers Revisited: Disney Infinity

Just a couple weeks ago, I showed several scans from a set called Disney Infinity. It's a video game tie-in card set that was packaged with a chocolate wafer here in Japan. Fuji asked recently about what comes packaged with chocolate wafers, and it just so happened that I found this sitting in my snack box. Sure, the wafer was past it's "best by" date but I'm not dead yet so it must be okay.
This is a picture of the packaging. It's fairly thick since there's a chocolate wafer candy inside. The card is standard sized, so this package is a bit larger than your standard pack of cards. For Bikkuriman stickers the package is usually horizontally oriented but more square-shaped. The wafer is also a little smaller as a result.
Here's the standard-sized card and wafer tray inside the package. The wafer is already devoured. The tray has a code (if it still works, have at it) for the Infinity game.
And the back of the card. Bikkuriman stickers don't come in a wrapper, but the cards do.

To make a short story long, any kinds of cards or stickers can be found with choco wafer snacks. Bikkuriman is the most famous and most popular. Lotte issues several other lines of cards and stickers - they are responsible for the set you see above. And there are other candy companies that occasionally issue other products.

And beyond that, it's not always wafers that are in the package. Gum, gummy candies, and even ramen snacks have come with cards or stickers. If I'm able to get a lot of examples together for a single post, I'll give more details.

For more about Disney Infinity, see my recent post.


  1. "Fuji asked recently about what comes packaged with chocolate wafers"

    Stickers and cards of various different trademarks, brands, franchises and characters.

  2. I just ordered a box of the Star Wars Bikkuriman wafers from the same folks who hook me up with my True Heart wrestling hobby boxes. The price on the box of wafers was significantly less than the going rate for a sticker set on eBay, so I have room for some duplication if it comes down to it. I should be able to pick up any singles I'm missing and still be under on price.

  3. Thanks for the info. I'm really hoping my local Japanese market will pick up a full box of the Star Wars Bikkuriman wafers.

  4. Kenny: yeah, that was the gist of my first answer, but I want to give him a more concrete example. :)

    Raz: Sweet, and it should have a full set. That's my understanding. Good luck!

    Fuji: They sold out fast here. I should have grabbed boxes/sets when I had the chance. But then again, do I really need to spend money on yet another set?