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Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015's Wallet Card: The Final Post

Yes, 2015 is now two days in the past, but I've been a bit behind in posting pictures from my Wallet Card experience. I meant to post this in last week's posting blitz, but I was too busy to update my posting schedule before heading on vacation.
First, to see all my posts on Tony Gwynn's adventures this year, visit this link. The picture above is one of the first, where Tony hung out with some cosplayers.

Let's see what Tony did for the rest of the year.
 Back in September, I finally went to the Indian restaurant across the street. After three and a half years. And it was pretty good! I love curry, though I tend to get Japanese curry instead of Indian.
 Tony didn't get his picture taken at ballparks for various reasons, though I found myself at Tokyo Dome in the middle of the playoffs. This shot has the Dome in the background as Tony sits in a bush.
 It's tough to get Tony photographed on a roller coaster, but at one amusement park I was able to get a picture right under the track!
And speaking of amusement parks, there is a nice themed park called Porto Europa with this mermaid statue. Tony certainly enjoyed sitting in her lap.
While I didn't get any pictures of Tony with hot chicks in bikinis, I did get him into the cleavage of a tutu on display outside a dance studio/shop near my office.
This flower picture is the last one I took of Tony last year - December 30, to be exact. He survived really well in my wallet, with only some slightly rounded corners. I'm quite surprised, but happy.

I'd like to do the Wallet Game again this year, partly because I want to do a better job of shooting pictures day-to-day. I have to find a new card, though!


  1. Tony loves hangin' with the cosplay ladies! As for me... they're cool. But Japanese curry is much, much cooler.

    1. If you want to be technical, Japanese curry is much, much hotter. Or spicier. At least the way I eat it!

    2. Lol... yeah. My mom makes it really spicy. One of the things I request when I go down to Vegas to visit them.