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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

No Cards for These Jerseys

Licensed professional baseball jerseys aren't cheap in the US, but in Japan anything with an official logo - for anything, including random pointless mascots - come at a premium.

The local thrift shop usually has a small selection of baseball jerseys worn by the fan club members or just fans, but they seem to run $20 or more.

So when I saw these two for under $5 each, I pounced.
The Seibu Lions are the "local" team, so it's no surprise there's a jersey here. I debated for a while between this modern one with screen-printed logos and a white jersey with a stitched logo across the front. This jersey just felt more crisp.
And no pile of used fan jerseys is complete without one of the Yomiuri Giants. This one has a shoulder logo for the Giants' 80th Anniversary, and like the Lions jersey has screen-printed graphics.

The cool thing is that despite being only size "Large" I can fit in both tops. I have a baby in my belly right now but if I drop some weight they won't look so bad on... assuming I wear them. Maybe I'll go grab another one to wear around.

This gives me three Japanese baseball jerseys, as I bought a Hanshin Tigers top to wear as a Halloween costume a couple years ago. So, I guess you could say, three down, nine to go. Wouldn't it be nice to have jerseys for all twelve teams?


  1. I've managed to snag an Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes white home jersey with Tuffy's name & number on the back. I really want to get one of the black road jerseys with OSAKA across the front. They always go for about $50 more than I'm willing to spend.

    I really wish there was an affordable outlet for custom reproductions of Japanese jerseys.

  2. I don't see much along the lines of really old jerseys, and not much Osaka stuff (other than Hanshin) in Tokyo. If I find a cheap road Tuffy jersey I'll snag it for you. But that would probably be for the fan club or fans, like these, not game replica.

  3. I picked up a Hanshin Tigers jersey a few years ago on clearance from a Japanese website. I tried looking it up to give you a link, but they must have went out of business. Just noticed that New Era has produced an NPB line... I'd love to add a few of those to my collection. But... they are super duper expensive.

  4. I see the New Era stuff here in the stores. It's just as costly in Japan. I have been really lazy about getting to flea markets and such in Tokyo the past couple years, but I do want to check some out. I tend to find at least a couple neat things each time, and sometimes I come across jerseys or hats.