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Friday, January 15, 2016

Idol of the Week: Kaoru Goto

 Twenty-year-old Kaoru isn't that big of a star, but she has an adorable face!
 Kaoru was actually a part of Idoling!!!, a J-Pop group which actually received its own card sets for a few years. And I believe Kaoru was the biggest member of the group. I'm aware of two card sets: the 2013 set you see a few singles for here, and a 2014 set which I have complete.
She is only 17 here and just looks "cute" - but that's her job. As she's aged she's become less girl-cute and more lady-cute. It looks like Kaoru is still extremely popular with her fans, as there aren't many cards for her listed on Yahoo Auctions and it looks like the ones that are listed sell with at least a few bids each!

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