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Monday, December 28, 2015

Disney Infinity Trading Cards

Disney Infinity is a video game. That's about all I know. At least in America, it seems that there are some figurines and such that are used to import characters into the game, but in Japan, all I've seen are these cards. One card came packaged with a chocolate wafer snack similar to Bandai's wafer cards for Evangelion and other franchises.  I don't know how or even if they interact with the game here in Japan.
 The horizontal cards just have images on the front, with a standard back (see the first image in this post).
 Is that Elsa playing Mario Kart? What?!
 The first part of the set feature individual characters. Backs have write-ups in Japanese. The character's movie title is above the character's name.
 Real-life movie characters in digital form. Hmm.
He doesn't look like the guy in the movie! Oh well.

These cards were sold from late 2014 into 2015.


  1. I'm guessing that this is based on the earlier waves meaning that there aren't any Star Wars Infinity cards.

  2. Yeah, I haven't seen any Star Wars cards in the set.