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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stuff in the Scan Folder: Autographs and Figurines

I don't scan every card I get because I anticipate eventually using much of it in themed posts. But some random things get scanned, and I occasionally take pictures of the oddball souvenirs I find as well. Here are three things that don't really fit anywhere (yet).
 I have a couple JWBL/GPBL posts set up for after Christmas, but this autographed card didn't quite go with their themes. It's from 2013, and Miki Atsugase signed it.
 I've seen a few team-themed products out there. The Carp have more licensed merchandise than any other team I can see - and that includes the Yomiuri Giants. This is an energy drink for the SoftBank Hawks. The can remains intact in my fridge, but I should probably drink it soon. You know, expiration dates and all that.
Finally, does anybody remember the Disney Treasures card sets from about 10 years ago? There was a whole series of sets along with inserts and "hits" with film cells. Three regular sets, a smaller holiday set, a Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary set, and the Pixar large set all were issued by Upper Deck. I have all of the sets, but this box with three packs and a figurine was too good of a deal to pass up - only 200 yen. I have Nemo and the evil character from The Incredibles now. I wouldn't mind having the rest.

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