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Friday, August 10, 2018

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I rarely enter contests. I might toss a comment in here or there to blogs, but really, if I win, it's pretty tough to enjoy the prizes from all the way in Japan!

But Sports Card Info has been offering up a few relics from the Topps Pro Debut Fragments of the Farm series, and I had to get in on it. I missed out on the first contest, but I won the second!
I wish I knew who Zach Kirtley is.
Okay, so he was drafted last year, and he went on to play for the State College Spikes, where he was part of a triple play. Turning one, that is. This year he moved to Peoria, where he's currently batting .271.

I love the Fragments of the Farm set because the relics are unique - very few white jersey swatches make it into this series. I will eventually build a full set run of these relics, eventually. Eventually. If only I had good card shows out here!

Although I'm in Japan, I asked for the card to be shipped to my mother's house. I won't see it in person for several months, so I am using the Sports Card Info image for this post.

Thanks to Sports Card Info for the awesome contest! I look forward to actually being able to enjoy the card in person!


  1. Congratulations on the win! I'm a fan of the Fragments of the Farm relics too. I found one with a piece of ticket stub a few months ago at a card show.

    1. I just really love the unique swatches they offer. Piece of the Game from around 2004-2005 were pretty cool relics too, since some of them had catcher's gear and other uncommon relic pieces.