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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Find: 2000 Upper Deck Japanese Team Olympic Medal Cards

The 2020 Olympics are coming fast. Yes, there are two whole years left, but two years goes fast when you're talking about a big event like this.

And that means it's been almost 20 years since Japan had a really good comprehensive Olympic card set. BBM has done some team sets over the years for baseball, soccer, gymnastics, and even curling, but the 2000 MRM/Upper Deck set featured over 250 athletes in nearly every Olympic sport - maybe every Olympic sport - Japan participated in.

The packs didn't have any real inserts, though there was a 22-card separately-numbered set for all of the Olympic sports. Instead, rare redemption cards got the winner medal cards. And I have almost every one of those medal cards.
 They have heavy foil on the front, which really doesn't look that good, especially with just a tiny picture of the athlete in the middle. The backs have some basic details including a short career summary (Road to Medal).

All of the cards you see in this post were found together at one card shop. Sadly, the set is not quite complete.

There are eight bronze, and I have all eight cards. I have 27 of 31 silver cards, and two of five gold cards. The cards are unnumbered, but I found a Japanese checklist to figure out who was in the set.

The cards I'm missing, if you're interested in building a full set checklist, are:
Silver: Shinichi Shinohara, Miho Takedo (two cards), Reika Utsugi
Gold: Ryoko Tani, Naoko Takahashi, Kosei Inoue.

Here are the cards I have, in addition to the Nakamura card above:


  1. Very cool. I'm a fan of all Olympic cards... especially ones featuring Japanese athletes. Hope you're able to find the final seven cards (medals).

    1. Thanks! Actually, I'm reminded of the 2012 London games. Panini did an Adrenylin (however they spell it) set for those games, and I'd love to get that. But it was impossible to find last time I looked.

  2. These are cool! Hope they do a baseball set.

    1. I just really hope there is a quality, comprehensive set for the 2020 Olympics. Something like the 2000 set would be great, featuring all of Japan's Olympic members, or even something including participants from all of the countries.