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Friday, August 3, 2018

Just Twenty Cards #5: Now With 25% More Card!

Let's wrap this up, shall we?
 Pujols for the win. But Pacheco reminds me of this:

 The Tiffany parallels on 1997 Fleer are neat. That is all.
 Remember Topps Lineage? Archives evolved from this set that got the base set wrong (oh so wrong) but the inserts right. This 3D insert is not just a 3D insert, though. It's the black stamp back! Sorry, no scan available. I tried so hard eight years ago to get a card from this parallel and came up empty, but there was one just sitting in a dime box!
 Three prisms. It's a ... rainbow ... of ... prisms ...

 These cards are boring. Seriously.
 I like the Triumvirate series, but putting together a set of all three cards has proven to be a bit challenging.
 So... much... Gold!

 Two neat cards with nothing to say about them. How sad is that?!
 I don't get Panini's strange obsession with odd die-cut chunks being taken out of my cards. It's a tradition that goes all the way back to the Elite cards back in the 1990s, and despite loving die-cuts, these just seemed like puzzles that never fit together right.
 I "won" these cards as kind of a "thank you for purchasing" prize. As neat as it is to have a playing era Reggie Jackson, he played recently enough that his cards lean toward the overproduction era. That and most collectors seem to have lost interest in him.
 Refractor parallels look neat, but I don't htink they'll ever be as fun as the 1990s Ultra inserts.
 The photo on Yaz's card looks like it could be nearly any current player. It just doesn't feel vintage. The strange t-shirt-like jersey on McCovey screams vintage, though.
 A couple more retired legends. I have plenty of Killebrew and Gibson, though. Bring on the obscurity!
Yet we finish with another legend.Maybe I can flip this card...

And finally the cards from the collector's show come to an end. The next show is at the end of September; hopefully I'll be in Tokyo so I can go. There's another show a couple weeks before that I usually find good things at, but I'll most likely be in Sapporo and not able to attend. There's a tiny chance I'll be back in Tokyo just in time for that one, but I doubt it.

But there are plenty of cards to share, still! So until next time....


  1. Haven't listened to Royal Crown Revue in years. I just bought a record player. Maybe I'll track down their LP and listen to some Stormy Weather.

    P.S. Great cards. Love those 3D inserts.

    1. I love going back to all that "old" music - whether it's from the 1950s or 60s or just the 1990s. Even Backstreet Boys are old school at this point.

  2. After seeing the movie, I immediately went out and bought the soundtrack to The Mask. After wearing it out for about a year, I finally started tracking down some of the artists albums starting with Royal Crown Revue and have about four of their albums. I ended up on a swing revival kick, and now have multiple albums by RCR, Brian Setzer Orchestra, the Mighty Blue Kings, Ron Sunshine, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I was kind of disappointed to learn that Fishbone didn't usually play that kind of music.

    1. Great list of bands. I have cd's of most of these bands and I just picked up the Kings of Gangster Bop on eBay. Can't wait to listen to it.

    2. I found my copy at Best Buy of all places, around the time their album The Contender came out. Back when Best Buy had a massive and quirky music section, before the new ownership took over, smoothed out all the rough edges and homogenized everything.

    3. I went through a big swing phase and ended up with CDs of several of those bands, but I hardly listen to them anymore. I'm too busy listening to my Selena Gomez CDs. (That's a joke, people. Nobody buys CDs anymore. It's all about the YouTube.)