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Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Pokemon Set: Gotta Catch 'Em All

For the past two years, I've been hunting wild animals. I catch them, train them, and then force them to fight. No, I'm not involved in cockfighting, or dog fighting. I play Pokemon Go. I love walking and exploring towns, so it makes playing the game pretty easy. And beyond that, the game is a great excuse for me to go out for a walk, or to walk home instead of taking the train.

I started gathering Pokemon game cards last year, and from time to time I've gone card hunting.
I've ended up with a bunch of shiny cards, though shiny doesn't necessarily mean more valuable. And honestly, I don't really care if they're shiny or not. And as you might have noticed, they're Japanese! I think I have two American cards that I picked up in Osaka.

There are over 800 different Pokemon, and I'm down to needing about 30 now. About half of those are the most recent generation, though some odd creatures remain elusive. Blastoise finally found his way into my collection last week, and I can't find a a Smeargle. I guess if you don't play Pokemon those names mean nothing to you, and until I played Pokemon Go I was in the same boat. But now they're on my radar, almost as much as baseball cards.

Do you (still) play Pokemon Go? Do you have a favorite Pokemon?


  1. One of my friends used to play it. Not sure if she still does. I helped her catch a Venom at the A's game two years ago:

    As for the cards themselves... I used to work at a card shop and would buy and sell them to my students. They loved them. Had complete sets of Pokemon Base, Jungle, and Fossil back in the day... but eventually sold them. A few years ago, I finally added a Base Charizard to my collection again.

    1. I remember when the cards were super-popular. I worked at Blockbuster, and as soon as we got them someone would buy them all. We ended up getting a bunch on "clearance" too, even though they were popular, so I bought them all and turned them around on eBay.

      Charizard is the most common shiny I don't have in Pokemon Go... it's a bit frustrating.