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Monday, August 13, 2018

Inaugural Calbee: Short Prints Short Grabs

At this point, I grab 1973 Calbees whenever I can. The Crossed Bats set has 63 regular cards, and 28 short prints. Or so it seems. Anyway, I'm whittling down the SPs, and I grabbed two more a couple months ago (I'm that far behind on posting):
 Card 82: Taira Fujita. Imagine how much complaining people would do if Topps used a photo like this in a set this year. Then again, using a photo like this might be a novelty given how standardized Topps' photography seems to have become.
And #73 is Koichi Tabuchi. Nothing like a little soft toss, eh? I wonder if both photos were taken at the same time.

I'm glad to have these two cards knocked off the want list!


  1. I have one of those Hanshin throwback jerseys. Gotta lose some weight if I ever want to fit into it again.

  2. I love the photos on both of those cards, anything which has a decent amount of 70s stadium architecture in the backdrop looks awesome.

    1. I've noticed that Giants cards seem to have more stadium shots than other teams, but that might be because there are so many more Giants cards to begin with. I should really keep my eyes open for some good Koshien Stadium shots from the past... and other stadiums for that matter.

  3. These cards are gorgeous! Good luck completing the set.