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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Just Twenty Cards #4: Nothing to See Here

These two cards are pretty neat-looking. The Manny has a nice design. Yes, it's simple, but it has a theme that matches the design. And the ball on the Maddux has an interesting effect that makes it look 3D, to the point of being disorienting at times.
 On the other hand, here are two shiny cards that are really bland. And logoless. (At least Topps could put the team name on there.)
 I got nothing. Parallel. Yay! Both of these cards are pretty attractive, though.
 I think the Dillon Tate card looks better than the boxy Bradley.
My favorite movie! And Zooey Deschanel is one of my favorite actors, which started with this movie 18 years ago.
 Two rookie cards that I don't really care much for. But they fit somewhere in my collection!
 Baseball Heroes has been one of my favorite ongoing series, and like Diamond Kings I'm trying to get the whole run. And say what you want about team logos, but I think Panini has put out some really interesting sets over the years (fewer now than in the past, sadly).
 Two underwhelming gray cards.
 I'm curious why Upper Deck went with the crude serial-numbering on that insert set instead of foil or at least a nicer printing. And Clout Nine should have had nine pictures of Castilla, instead of the other eight players in those little boxes.
Let's finish with two shiny holographic refractory cards. Because that's where we are.

As a whole, these cards are fun to look at, but this might be the weakest lot in this series of posts. I think the Maddux is the best card. Do you agree?

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