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Friday, June 1, 2018

New Release: 2018 Epoch Swallows Rookies & Stars

The Rookies & Stars line is Epoch's version of team sets, and while the cards aren't as cheap as last year's pack-based sets, they come at a lower price point than most of Epoch's offerings.

The Swallows set has five cards per 400-yen pack, with 20 packs per box and 12 boxes per case.
 The Swallows base set is complete at 90 cards, but that includes several variations. Cards are numbered 1-72, but players with variations have "a" and "b" (and occasionally "c") card numbers, as you see in Yamada's card above.
Epoch calls this insert "Rookies & Stars", and the card numbering (RS- prefix) and text on the front matches that, but the Swallows Rising logo on the back of the card is more prominent than the insert name. There are 27 cards in this set.

Holografika has 18 cards, numbered 60 copies each for players and 35 for the mascot.
There are 27 cards in the Autographs A set (857 cards), with 18 cards in Autographs B (198 cards). Players in B also appear in A, making B a parallel of sorts. I believe the horizontal cards are in the A group, with vertical cards in B. As you can see, the mascot appears in both autographed sets.

Each box of Swallows Rookies & Stars includes 95 base cards, 4 inserts, and 1 autograph. With 1055 autographs accounted for above, and 1055 Holografika cards, the numbering works out that there are 1055 boxes. That makes one box short of 88 cases, and a very small number of base sets in all (about 1100).

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