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Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Foreigners in Japan: May Edition

As team sets are released, my "gaijin" collection grows bit by bit. Here are additions from the last couple weeks of May:
 Neil Wagner and Fabio Castillo joined the Lions this year. Wagner is being used as a situational reliever, with 26 games already under his belt but less than 25 innings. Castillo has only 10 games with 56 innings and a 4-3 record so far.
 Chun-Lin Kuo isn't exactly new, but his cards are few and far between. Actually, he hasn't played yet this year at the top level, and only has three games with the farm team.
 Moving on to the Carp, Batista is batting near .290 with six home runs and 19 RBI in 27 games (they've played over 50, so he's only appearing in half of the games). Campos has 15 games and about 15 innings with an ERA just under 3.00.
 Finally, only one newbie with the Giants, Taylor Jungmann. As a starter, he's 6-2 in ten appearances with a beautiful 1.42 ERA. He's averaging 1 earned run a game and yet still has two losses - either he's had a couple blowouts or he needs some run support. He does have one complete game shutout so far this season.

So that's it for now! Until next time...

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