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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

New Release: 2018 BBM Giants

What must be the most popular team set BBM issues every year came out recently. The Yomiuri Giants set came out in mid-May, with the standard 81-card base set and a collection of inserts.
The base set features a lot of horizontal shots, though the majority are vertical. I'm not sure why BBM doesn't go with many horizontal pictures in its other team sets, other than the effort it takes to adjust the design to fit a different template. Obviously, the Giants design here doesn't take much work to shift, as the cards are borderless. Cards G01-G67 are regular cards, and G68 is a checklist with a picture of mascots. Several of the regular cards have foil signature parallels. These come in three flavors: Gold #/100, Holo #/50, and Orange #/25.
New Arrivals is the first subset, with four cards featuring players who recently joined the team.
There are three cards in the Giant Guns subset, with the team's power hitters.
Another three players are in High Quality Triangle. These feature the team's top pitchers.
Finally, Young Synergy has three pairs of younger players.
Moving on to inserts, Giants Pride 2018 has 15 of the team's top players. A hologram parallel #/50 and firework parallel #/25 were also issued.
Three cards are in My Generation, also with holo #/50 and firework #/25 parallels.
Cross Foil Signing is limited to 15 cards each, and has foil autographs. There are 18 cards in the set.
Super Metallic Giants is a nine-card set obtainable via exchange card. Each card is serial-numbered to the player's jersey number.
The three card Triplex insert set is numbered out of 25 copies. Cards use 3D technology, and are advertised as having multiple images. I haven't seen one in person.
Phantom inserts are also found #/25, just like the other team sets.
While the Giants set doesn't contain autographs, seven Memorabilia cards (#/100) can be found in packs, including two dual relic cards (#/20) and one quad relic card (#/10).

Nine Stadium Event promo cards, plus one "SP" promo card (may not be limited), were issued as well.

Insert images are promotional images from BBM.