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Sunday, June 3, 2018

New Release: 2018 Epoch Lions Rookies & Stars

The Lions pack-based set from Epoch hit shelves on April 14th, with the standard five cards per 400-yen pack, 20 packs per box, and 12 boxes per case.
 Base cards are numbered 01-69. Base cards have a lot of border at the bottom, but I don't dislike the design.
 While 69 players are in the set, a complete set has 90 cards, because there are 21 image variations. I'm not exactly sure how to distinguish the original image from the variation, but it might be the location of the card number on the back. Image variations are not short printed, and considered part of a full set.
 There are two parallels with border color differences. Sapphire Parallels have SP prefix card numbers.
Ruby Parallels have RP prefix card numbers. Both parallels have 13 cards, and the checklist for Sapphire is identical to Ruby. As far as I can tell, the parallels aren't very limited and might have similar or identical print runs (neither parallel is more rare than the other).
One limited insert set can be found in packs. Holografika can be found in either Silver (#/90) or Gold (#/45) versions. Two autograph sets are also randomly inserted into packs. Authentic Signatures has 27 cards #AS-01 to #AS-28; there is no card 8. Cards are #/79 or less. Rookie Signatures has 8 cards, #/50 or less.

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