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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

These Subsets are Cool: 2016 and 2017 BBM 1st Version Team Checklists

Yesterday's post was a 2008 team checklist set featuring a bunch of interesting and fun photos. Today, we focus on two more team checklist sets sharing a similar theme.

The 2016 1st Version set used images from NPB's Spring Training - no easy feat given the set's release only a few weeks after the start of Spring Training. BBM repeated the process in 2017, again using photos from Spring Training on a set that was released in early April.

That alone is an interesting piece of work, but not interesting enough for me to collect the set. But the 2016 subset has some unique photography, using angles and cropping BBM traditionally doesn't explore - almost something like Stadium Club. And most importantly, the Fighters card uses a photo from America! Moving on to 2017, again the Fighters photo is from the US, but unfortunately all of the shots are quite dull - most team cards have players running. (The 2016 set does have several "team running together" photos, but there are some standout images.)

With the 2018 set just a few weeks away, maybe BBM will find some better images for the team checklists. Or go with stadium photos - it's been a long time! Either way, I can't wait to see what they come up with.

The 2016 set uses yellowish borders, while the 2017 set has green borders. The full subsets are below.


  1. Tony Blanco of the Buffaloes and Yuki Saitoh of the Fighters didn't have 1st Version card in 2016 but they both are prominently displayed on their team's checklist cards.

    I'm hoping that the FIghters team card from this years' 1st Version set features a photo from the game I was at in Scottsdale three weeks ago.

    1. That would be cool! I guess we'll see in a month.