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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

2015 Ntreev KBO Baseball's Best: Hell's Fireball

Ntreev went back to gaming-style cards with this release, and simplified the checklist at the same time by removing short prints. For that, I'm very happy! This serves as a standalone set, and isn't part of the Superstar series they released that year.
 Every card in this set has a PA01 prefix. There are 100 cards in the set, 10 per team. However, instead of all 100 cards being numbered sequentially, they are numbered by team. So the Doosan Bears are DO001-DO010, and so on. All of the card backs are identical, and the fronts have ATK and DEF scores for use in a card game.
 While the base set is pretty simple, there are a few parallels. All card #3s have a sparkle foil parallel, which is the most common parallel.
 All card #2s have a gold sparkle foil parallel, serving as a second tier of parallels.
 All card #1s have a foil signature parallel, which is the third tier.

Finally, card #1s also have a clear parallel, which are the rarest parallels in the set.

Since there are only 10 cards per parallel, a master set comes in at only 140 cards - very achievable with only 40 short printed parallels. Unfortunately, these cards have no real statistics on them.

Dan sent all the cards you see in this post, including several other parallels and base cards scanned below.
If I ever come across a $10 box of this stuff, it'll probably be worth it just for the fun of opening the packs and finding some parallels!


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  2. I am hoping to have a clear card from each set for you. Normally these boxes were sold on Gmarket (~$13) but just recently I'm not seeing them.