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Thursday, February 8, 2018

KBO Cards: 2015-16 SMG Ntreev Super Star Gold Edition

Carrying a 2015 copyright, the Gold Edition set was issued around the New Years holidays and follows some of the same basic stylings of SMG's other releases. Overall, the regular set has 113 cards in it, with only 50 of those being regular "Normal" cards and the remainder being short-prints. There are some parallels and then the card below, which hints at an actual insert set.

There are 20 packs per box, with four cards per pack. It looks like you get one normal card, one normal parallel (Gold Normal), one All-Star, and one All-Star parallel per pack. Essentially, you'll get two cards toward a base set and two cards toward parallel sets. At that rate, it'll take about three boxes to build a set of All-Star and Normals - assuming perfect collation (50 packs for the normal cards, 45 for All-Stars). The serial-numbered Superstar cards fall one per box - that's 18 boxes with perfect luck or trading.
This first card perlexes me a bit. It's not listed in the Trading Card Database, and it has no card number. It's a relic card #14/30. Lim appears in the normal checklist, so this comes from an insert set for the Gold Edition that's uncataloged. Dan sent me this great card, but I really can't tell what it is! Hits don't fall one per box, that's for sure. But watching Dan's box breaks on YouTube, this card came out of a Gold Edition pack.

The checklist for Gold Edition starts with SS (Super Star) cards - #1-18 feature horizontal designs and serial-numbering. The first few cards are #/60, then #/200, with the final cards in the series #/500. (This may not be exactly correct, but based on what I can tell, it should be.) Card #1 is for the KBO league itself and includes statistics on attendance on the back. Cards 2 and 3 are team cards (Lions and Bears), with the remainder featuring individual players (this subset could be titled Record Holders). Again, one SS card comes per box.
 The other short prints in the set are AS (All-Star) cards. These are #19-63, and have a nice shiny design. Each pack has one AS card.
 There are two parallels for the All-Star subset. This is the Waves parallel, and as you can tell from the background, it looks like you're in a glass-block room after having a little too much to drink. The Wave parallels seem to fall about one per pack.
 The other All-Star parallel is Sparkle, which is pretty self-explanatory. These appear to be box hits, just like the SS subset.
Cards #64-113 are "Normal" cards, but unfortunately I don't have a scan of one now, so I had to borrow these from NPB Card Guy (sorry!). You can see more at NPB Card Guy's post on the SMG Blue, Gold, and Black Editions. Only one Normal card is in each pack. I have one small problem with this design - that border around the photo could have either been non-existent or translucent.

The Normal cards have a "Gold" parallel, with gold foil for the team name, player name, and the border that surrounds the player. These aren't any more limited than the regular Normal cards, as they also come one per pack.

So with good collation, you'll finish both the regular and parallel sets for All-Star and Normal cards in three boxes - but given SMG's previous collation I doubt you'll be so lucky. Furthermore, you'll need to get the other 15 Superstar cards, and any hits, for a full master set.

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