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Sunday, February 11, 2018

New Aquisitions: Low Number Mojo and Other Sweetness!

Finding US singles is hit or miss in Japan. You could find just the card you're looking for - I've found a few cards from the 1990s on that I needed for sets and player collections. Or, completely shut out - I can find packs of 2018 Topps but I doubt I'll find singles, and only a handful have found their way onto Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

And then, many of them are overpriced. Are you willing to pay $3 for a Jose Altuve base card from 2018 Topps? Neither am I. But there are plenty of hidden gems, like the cards in this post; all of them came to me for 100 yen ($1) each, plus about 100 yen shipping total.
 It may be logoless, and of "just" Austin Jackson, but it's a gold parallel numbered to 10.
 I might have overpaid a smidgen for this Frank Thomas sample, but then again this card is sold out on COMC.
 Another low parallel, this Early Wynn was an early win at 100 yen, and is numbered out of 99. More importantly, I believe this finishes my Origins parallel rainbow!
 I love Diamond Kings! Usually, the most popular players are missing from my collection, so I went ahead and grabbed this card without checking my want list. Okay, I already have this card for my set, but I never picked up a Heritage Collection insert for my type collection! Win!
 History repeated itself with this 2002 Heritage Collection - I had Bonds for the set, but I didn't have a type collection card. Double win!
 Frenchy (does anybody call him that anymore?) sure had a big grin for this minor league parallel - the Black Edition #/50 could probably be had for less if I scrounged around enough card shows... but that doesn't happen in Japan.
This Just card just is just numbered just to just 100. It just could just be just better just if just the player's just first name was just Justin. Just.
In the end, all of these cards will find a nice home in my type collection. Thanks for reading!

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