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Saturday, February 10, 2018

SMG/Ntreev Superstar Baseball Pack Insert Cards

It's time for an image dump.

Dan was courteous enough to send along some of the filler cards for SMG's sets with our trade package, and while I can't read Korean and don't have the patience or interest in trying to translate everything, I'll take a quick stab at some of them. If nothing else, this will serve as an archive of some of what you could find in packs.
 Collecting all 10 team logos gives the entrant a chance at a special gameplay mat. This is from the Baseball's Best Players series.

 These two are code cards for an online game, and you can win autographed bats.
 This code card relates to the online game again; this time the back gives a chance to win an autographed ball.
 Another online code card.
 Heroes team logo version.
 Dinos team logo version.
 Wyverns team logo version.
 These are the fronts...
...and these are the backs. These two cards give you instructions on how to play the Baseball's Best Players game.

And that's all! Thanks, Dan, for sending the cards!

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