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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wallet Tony Plays in the Snow

It snowed on Friday! And while Tokyo doesn't get the awesome piles of white stuff that many other parts of Japan (and the rest of the world) receive, I always enjoy seeing everything blanketed in white. I hiked the Nakasendo trail on my last vacation, and there was plenty of snow out there, but I can always go for more.
I took this picture just as the snow turned to rain, so as you might imagine it didn't last long. But February is when the real snow came last year, so I have high hopes. The first year I was in Japan the first snow, similar to this, also came the last week of January.

How's Tony doing? He's actually in great shape. There's a small nick on a border from taking him out a few times, and the corners aren't crisp. There's a little bit of bending on one corner, but since my wallet doesn't get too rough and the pocket I put him in seems to be pretty well-built, the card is staying strong. I wanted to prop the card up in snow on the ledge, but there was no such luck.

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