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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wallet Card Game: I'm in!

My holiday vacations rarely leave me any time for relaxation, and there's always a period of time recovering afterwards. I pick up souvenirs along the way - tickets for the museums along with pamphlets, and occasional trinkets from some of the stops I make. 

And of course I go card shopping. So I have to make sure those are all catalogued and filed. 

And this trip, Kenny gave me some stuff... I'll get to that later. 

But now most of that is done and I can start getting back to my daily routine... eventually. For now, I do have my (somewhat late) entry into the Wallet Card Game!
That's a nice leather-framed Tony Gwynn from 2012 Allen and Ginter. Why Tony? Like many others, he is my favorite player, and it's a nice way to honor him. I chose A&G because I had an extra Gwynn and I like the look. It sits quite well in that part of my wallet!
I'll see Tony every time I buy baseball cards, because the flap that holds him and my ID covers my point cards. I'm really surprised I could fit a full-sized card in there actually. 

Hopefully he'll get to come out on some of my adventures soon! Last year would have been better, actually, with trips to Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore. But he should get to see a lot of Japan at the least, and take a trip back to America. 

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  1. Great choice! Looking forward to seeing your Wallet Card posts this year!