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Monday, January 12, 2015

Wallet Tony Goes to Akihabara

I'm still working hard at getting a stack of cards organized, but today I met a friend in Akihabara. Tony came along, of course. And got to hang out with a couple cosplay girls working at an arcade. 
Here is Tony looking at the sights. 
And Tony with the cosplayers! I think they're doing LoveLive!, a popular anime or manga (both?) about high school idol girls. You can see a tiny bit of a promo poster for the show behind them. 

I'm hoping Tony will find some more cosplayers soon!


  1. Did Tony buy some manga? Which kind would he buy!? Don't tell me it would be Sailor Moon! ;)

  2. Ana: Tony was short on funds this weekend, but otherwise he likes to buy Evangelion stuff!

    TLC: Thanks!

  3. As soon as I saw that you'd have a wallet card, I thought "A wallet card in Japan? I'm glad I'm not going up against that!" :-)

  4. I think Tony might be the early Wallet Card leader.

  5. I really hope Tony gets to have some great adventures this year! Thanks for your comments, all.