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Saturday, January 24, 2015

(Not Exactly) New Release: 2014 Frontier Hiroshima Carp Season Summary

For the second year in the row, Frontier issued a Season Summary set. Last year, there were multiple teams with box sets, but this year it seems that only the Carp wanted one.
The base card fronts have large white borders at the top and bottom with large black text. Additional small circles along one edge has the Carp team logo, player's jersey number, and position. The backs use use the same photo, though it looks like the background has been blurred (at least where another player - or umpire - is in the shot). Additionally, the photo has been cropped slightly differently to give more of the background. Basic biographical details and a season line of statistics are found at the bottom; cards are numbered in an upper corner.

The design isn't bad, though a large portion of the front has text. If these cards were large-sized (A4 or 8x10, or poster size) the design would work that much better. It does feel like a form of an advertisement, almost.
There are 24 cards in the base set, and each box comes with one full set plus one autographed card. The breakdown of the autograph sets is as follows:
  • Rookie Parallel Signatures: 5 cards
  • Red All The Way Signatures: 18 cards
  • Home Uniform Signatures: 10 cards
  • 2014 All Star Player Signatures: 6 cards
  • Carp Legendary Signatures: 4 cards
  • Ace of Carp Signatures: 2 cards (not shown above)
Boxes retailed for around $80 each.

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