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Friday, January 2, 2015

2015: Finishing What I Started

There are a lot of projects and collections "in progress" right now. I am going to try to complete as many of those as possible this year.
Here are my collecting goals for 2015:

  1. Get six flagship sets that I need. This could be pretty easy - 2014 and 2015 Topps plus the two Update sets and Stadium Club sets would be a quick six. I would like to tackle some of the other sets I need, though.
  2. Locate the eight cards I need to finish the card portion of player collections for six players. Not a difficult accomplishment, but important. Additionally, keep up-to-date with 2015's releases for my player collections.
  3. Find at least five of the ten figurines I need for my player collections. 
  4. Get down to 400 needed cards for my Awards collection. I cut the list in half, to 494, over 2014, but the remaining cards will be a bit more of a challenge.
  5. Keep my MLB Type Collection over 25%. It's at 25.5% now, but the past three years my collection has seen under-20% performance. (I should add that the number of sets issued each year since 2010 has been steadily increasing and is now more than double what it was that year... if my database is accurate.) I have been working almost exclusively with Just Commons and COMC to get the singles I need.
  6. Reduce my wanted sets list to 175. There are 229 sets in the list now, between Diamond Kings, Team USA sets, and dozens of other issues. I can finish some sets and delete others. 
  7. My Japanese type collection is at about 54%. I'd like to reach 60% by the end of the year. That's about 300 singles besides 2015 releases.
  8. Reach 50% of sets in the Japanese type collection other than BBM and Calbee. Only about 40 singles will get me there, but most of those are old menko and bromide issues that just don't show up often.
  9. Create and hopefully complete a collection for players who went from the NPB to the MLB.
And my blogging goals for 2015:
  1. Finally finish those Calbee Through the Years posts. I've been working on this half-heartedly since 2013. One of the reasons I've been delaying this is that I don't have a 100% complete Calbee type collection. I'm not sure I'll get that far, though, so I'll have to just make concessions.
  2. I want to publish my Japanese set database. I've got a lot of details ready but I'll need to take a weekend or two to really piece it together and make it shine. Recent discussions with a couple other bloggers might make this effort obsolete, though.
  3. Continue posting new release details on all of the 2015 baseball sets.
  4. Fully update my Japanese card shop posts and publish a map and list. Many shops are up-to-date, but I've been to many places that I haven't reported on, or can get additional details.
  5. I didn't really commit to it, but I enjoyed my "Idol of the Week" posts. I'd like to make that a regular feature, and furthermore, start cataloging all of the idol and other non-sport card sets out there.
What do you think about my goals? What are yours? Post here or post a link if you wish!


  1. I liked your Idol Of The Week posts as well. Although don't be afraid to venture into Juicy Honey territory every now and then ;) (just a suggestion lol).

  2. I stopped setting collecting goals years ago, now I just go with a blanket intention to see more cards leave then house than arrive. I don't set goals for my blog because I already have enough stuff I don't post about. Not posting about my goals just seems excessively lazy. So long as I don't set that goal, I can be merely lazy.

    If I did have a goal it would probably be to get TradingCardDB caught up with all the foreign sets listed at SportsCardForum, and then move forward at TCDB. I haven't decided if I want to keep posting to SCF, even though it would be good to have the redundancy. I'd like to get to the point where I can start listing international sets from other sports and even non-sports. There's really no reason all these idol sets could be listed there, too, aside from someone finding the time to do the data entry.

  3. Happy New Year! Nice Hirano costume card. Hope you end up publishing that Japanese set database. Best of luck to you on all of your 2015 goals.

  4. Kenny: You might just get your wish. I've considered creating a separate blog for those cards though, just to keep this more family-friendly.

    Jason: I have so many cards back in the States to clear out though having such a goal would be fantastic. And I've found over the last couple years that setting goals just helps me narrow my focus onto what I really want to accomplish this year. I know some of them just won't get met. I think it's really about recording my intentions - I'm a list guy. I always have to-do lists.

    Fuji: Thanks! And I think the set database is a pretty high priority for me this year. Good luck with your goals too, and I'll be emailing you soon...