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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Idol Card of the Week

I don't know what exactly draws me to Yuko Ogura. Perhaps it's her playful nature. And I really don't know when I first learned about her.

Now 31 and married with a child, she also has an alternate personality of sorts, Princess Apple-Momoka; one of her many trading card sets is her as Princess Momoka. She's also a singer, performing the ending song for the Japanese anime School Rumble. She's still adorable today and makes occasional appearances on TV and at events, and has written a book about being a mother.

Yes, I realize all this stuff comes from Wikipedia, but it's also information I already knew off-hand. So I guess I'm a mini-Wikipedia. Anyway, Yuko's many card sets include autographs and relics, and I just received my first signed card:
I'm not sure why, but idol cards frequently have normal fronts; the signatures and such end up on the back. So here it is:
Ain't that pretty? I can't quite make it out, though it looks like the hiragana characters for "o gu" are at the top. There might be a giant ra (the 5-looking thing on the right) And the two hearts might be inside the "yu" and "ko"... typically her name should be yu-u-ko so that could be a u in the middle...

I love this card, and is immediately my favorite idol card in my collection!


  1. I don't fully understand the idol cards (distribution, set composition, how they decide who goes on the cards), but I think they're pretty cool.

  2. I've learned about idol cards over the past year or so, and might be able to put together a Beginner's Guide of sorts. They are pretty cool!

  3. Nice, I've yet to add an official certified autograph from an idol card set because the price tags are always insanely high and my boxes/packs only come with cloth pieces.

    BTW, I'm also working on a few posts centered around these idol cards. I keep losing my concentration.

    1. It's easy to... lose your conversation when posting about idol cards. Yuko was surprisingly cheap, especially when she's considered the cutest Japanese idol ever by some reports (not just me).