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Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Release: 2014 BBM Carp Red Sensation

Another box set for the Carp came out last month, the second box set by BBM and fourth overall this year. Each box contains the full 27-card base set plus one special card, retailing for 4000 yen. As usual, the print run is 3000 base sets.
The set is titled Red Sensation and features full-bleed uninterupted photographs on three sides; the bottom border contains all the usual information. Backs have the standard design with 2014 stats through August 17. [RED S] appears on the copyright line.
 The most common special card is a jumbo-sized parallel of 12 of the cards. Red foil cards have a print run of 60, with 120 each of the gold cards. These are four times the size of standard cards.
There are no autographs, but five players have relics, totaling eight different cards in the set. Two players have single jersey cards; three players have two bat cards, one "home" card and one "visitor" card. Jersey cards have a print run of 120 cards each, and bats are numbered to 100.

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