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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hobby Off Repack #2: The Stack

I should reiterate that "repacks" are put together by the individual stores that sell them. Their availability varies, with some stores almost never having them. Yesterday's repack came from Hobby Off, a store for collectors which mainly has lots of toys and figurines. All of the "Off" stores are secondhand stores, buying from the general public. But before you get your hopes up, know that they pay very little when buying. This does keep prices lower, generally.

They had two baseball "packs" on the shelves, though. Yesterday's was only 100 yen, though today's pack set me back 200 yen. Was it worth it?
 This card on the front inspired me to buy the pack. It's not an insert, just a subset card. But many subset cards from 13 years ago are on my want list, so I figured I could get my money's worth if I could find just a few more inside. Besides, that's a really classy looking card.
 There was a whole bunch of 2001 BBM inside, including several "Black Signature" parallel cards.
 Tuffy is always a nice card to pull. That jersey looks like it came from a college though.
 A subset card!
 A couple former MLBers before they went to the MLB!
 Touch the Game (and other premium set) base cards might be some of the least interesting cards BBM issues. They really should try something with cards like Tribute.
 Future Bee makes its return. The person who sold these cards to Hobby Off
 Not enough 2001 to start building a set...
 New Face is an insert card! BBM's inserts around the turn of the century were pretty cool.
 And a 2000 Power League card. Power League was a card game that never really got off the ground.
 Unfortunately, many of the cards are going to end up in my trade pile from this pack.
Tomonori Maeda is probably going to the Hall of Fame pretty quickly.
 Ahh, another subset card! Finally, something else to help make this pack worth it for me.
 You'll notice a decent number of foreigners in the lot, which I am excited to see!
 Why aren't these cards sorted for you by type? I want you to see what I saw as I shuffled through the stack.
 When I returned to collecting in 2003, I hadn't seen Ovation, and I thought it was a higher end release at first. I know better now, but I still think they're cool cards with the embossed baseball seams. And that Best 9 card is an awesome 3D insert, similar to Sportsflics! I see those relatively often and I've considered building a set, but I should know better...
 The Yomiuri cards for the Yomiuri Giants can be tough to find. I never expected to pull one from a repack!
 Three Lions in a row? Is there some kind of joke to be made here?
While many of the cards are now tossed on the extras stack, I found more than enough cards to add to my collection to make this purchase worth it!

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