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Monday, October 6, 2014

2014 BBM Buffaloes Shingeki

The Buffaloes got a box set about a month ago as the standard "the team is popular" box set - the Buffaloes were on the way to the pennant when this set was conceived. They finished the year yesterday one-half game behind the Hawks, which means they didn't get the pennant but they will be in the playoffs.
As usual, there are 3000 sets and each box (5000 yen) includes one full base set of 27 cards plus one premium card (either jersey or autograph). The kanji for shingeki (which translates as march, as in an army marching) is on the front and back; [Bs SHINGEKI] is on the copyright line on the back.
Six players have jerseys in the set totaling 14 cards. Two players have single cards (#/148 each), with the other four having three cards each (#/100 or #/120 each card). The same jersey was probably used for each of the three cards for those players.
Forty autograph subjects are in the set with print runs of 7-50 cards each. Five additional cards have dual autographs with print runs of 3 or 5 cards each.

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