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Monday, October 27, 2014

A Japanese Baseball Figurine for McFarlane Fans

I've picked up a few bobbleheads and other action figures of baseball players while living here in Japan. Some have been MLB issues, and others NPB. This is my first Gamemakers figure.
I have a few McFarlanes in the US, and I have a Tony Gwynn figure that I bought a few months ago here in Japan. And McFarlane makes great toys. But this is Japan, a country whose economy is partly based on the sale of high-quality figures. So when the Chiba Lotte Marines want to sell figurines in their store, they're going to do things at least as good as McFarlane does.
The attention to detail is remarkable, and this may be more realistic than McFarlanes! It's limited to 1500 figures, and inside there's a nice base for Nishioka to stand on. It's a pretty nice figurine that'll eventually need a nice home in which to be displayed!


  1. I've got a couple small figurines of Japanese players (Ichiro, Shigeo Nagashima) that aren't as nice as this one. How much do the Gamemakers figures cost?

  2. I don't really know/remember. This was pretty cheap, but in regular stores I think I've seen them for 2000-4000 yen.