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Monday, January 7, 2013

Massive Sorting Begins Now!

My mother was kind enough to send over another package of mail and plenty of Christmas candy. So amongst the peppermint chocolate, orange chocolate, and peanut butter chocolate, there are a few hundred baseball cards.

There are plenty of trade packages and a couple eBay buys. My only Listia "purchase" (it was free, of course) wasn't in there, but that purchase was made right before the package was sent.

Plus, I have local pick-ups from the card stores. There are a few new sets that have come out right around Christmas, including the first NPB sets of 2013. And I've revisited a card store for a better review - and I had some rare-card success as well!

Look for some good posts in the next couple days. Until then, I'm still alive and kicking, and sorting, and scanning, and filing...


  1. Just out of curiosity, what kind of scanner do you use?

  2. Jason - I use a sheet-fed photo scanner I bought at Brookstone. It'll scan up to 4x6 photos, and it handles thinner cards pretty well. The thicker cards "jump" when they get toward the end of the scan, so many of my scans have that line down the right side of the scan. I got it super-cheap, otherwise I'd look for something better-quality. I need it for speed-scanning, actually. I digitize pretty much every card I own now.

    1. I should mention it's a Brookstone branded scanner. iConvert Photo Digitizer.